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Why Sell Online?

Top 5 Reasons to Sell Online By Er. Sahibpreet Singh

With the Evolution of Technology with time, people have started to analyse a rise in competition and a decline in margins. If you can relate to it, you are one of the victims of what is known as “Technical Illiteracy“. No Monetary Output Despite of Various Inputs in terms of Time and Money can lead to Frustration and Sleepless Nights. Every such Entrepreneur must be thinking, Why Should I Get a Business Website? or Why do I need a website built for my business?

Do Not Worry, I am not going to talk Rocket Science. Bringing your Business Online is quite similar to starting your business offline but with a lesser investment and higher returns.Moreover, you will need a lesser workforce to run an online business as compared to the conventional ways of process execution.

Moving Forward, Let Me Bring to Your Knowledge the 5 Most Important Reasons To Get a Professional Business Website For Your Business.


  • 1. Business Website is the Visiting Card Of The New Age:

    If you have been running your business offline then you must be familiar with the concept of visiting cards. Paper made cards that wear and tear with time. Websites also carry the same information as those cards and even showcase your products and customer reviews.

    Websites are cheaper than these cards and do not wear and tear with time. You can even update your audience with any upcoming offers and new stocks whereas the cards remain static throughout.

  • 2. Showcase Your Products And Services:

    Business websites help you to showcase your products and services so as to attract your customers. They provide a “in the store” experience to your customers without actually paying those massive rents and construction costs.
    So, if you are willing to get a store setup for selling products and services, try setting up an online store. It will save your cost, time and increase your visibility to a greater audience.
    Moreover, a well presented product has more chances of being sold. So getting a business website designed for your business should be of the greatest priority when you think of selling online.

  • 3. Increase Your Brand Presence:

    Apart from increasing your sales as well as revenue, Business Website will fetch your business a brand value like never before. A well presented Business Website from reputed and trusted developers will boost your confidence as well as authority in the marketplace.
    Online Presence with a classy logo and an awesome functionality is the best way to demonstrate your perfection. All companies do not need time and effort to become a brand. With an easy availability of resources and technology, reach out to the customers in your city, state or country. Establishing a brand is no more a dream with technical resources available to help you out.

  • 4. You Can Target Your Audience:

    A showroom located at a prime location where numerous people pass by will only convert a few people to sales.This is probably because all of them were not your target audience.
    This point is very essential to grasp. You can Optimize your Website to target only your choice of people that you think will probably buy your product or service. For Instance, an optician located in a high traffic area will have a huge number of people passing by his shop with only 5% entering his shop. Moreover, from that 5%, only 30% make a purchase. So, technically only 1.5% of the total people passing by his shop made a purchase. That is not an appreciable figure for a business.
    Lets talk about an online E-commerce Shop like Lenskart. Lenskart will make a campaign to market its optical products to people who work in IT. This will be a wise measure because people working on screens will need glasses more than anyone else. So, it will market it’s products to these people and will convert about 20-25% of the visitors to sales. That is the power of technology.

  • 5. Social Proof:

    Furthermore, a website is more of an ID for your business. A well built website provides a proof for the existence of a proper registered company.
    Moreover, when people will buy from you, they will review the quality of products or services on your website. This will act as a reference for the upcoming clients.
    A 5 star rating of a specific product will encourage other people to go in for it. Whereas, if you sell a product offline to someone then a new customer might not be able to contact your old customer for a satisfactory review. This will not only cause trust issue but you may also lose a potential client.
    Moreover, if there is a flaw in the product then you will get to know it. Improving on the complaints made by your customers will increase your market share and decrease your competition. Get a website built for your business and feel the difference.


    In a nutshell, a business website from a reputed website development company will prove beneficial for the overall growth of your business. After reading this, if you want to get a website built, do not delay it, Your competitors are already doing it.
    Above mentioned were the top 5 reasons for getting a website for your business. In my Next Post, I will be discussing what type of business website will be best for your business.

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